Hello! My name is Rolando Ponce de Leon
I'm a Web Worker
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Good design is finding that perfect balance between the way something looks and how it functions.

And here is what I do to make it happen

Responsive Design

Mobile access is the new reality and people is visiting your site using their phones and tablets. Keeping the experience intact is key and that's what resposive design is all about.

UX Design

Your site or app need to easily solve the needs of your users, for that it is importand to analyze their needs and habits in order to design a solution that works a feels right to them.

Front End Dev

Coding HTML, CSS, JS is how my designs come to live. I love refined but simple approach to development with the right balance between looks and content consuption.

Content Strategy

People's time is limited, they scan instead of reading. Communication must be quick and simple, providing options how to access content depending on context.

My Work

Here are some other projects that I've worked on.

Smokefree Teen

Responsive Design


Responsive Design - WordPress

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Responsive Website

Live Style Guide

User Interface Design

More cool stuff

Coming Soon

More cool stuff

Coming soon


Here is a snapshot of my past years

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    My Humble Beginnings

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... I've been designing for most of my life and concentrated on web design. Suddenly started to code to bring my designs to live, falled in love with CSS and JS and never looked back.

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    March 2011

    From Freelance to Corp

    After years of freelancing I was offered to join a dev team so I signed up for it, the experience turned out to be very rewarding and had the opportunity to collaborate with other develpers and designers. I got deep into responsive waters creating for multidevice experiences.

  • building image

    November 2013

    The Big Corp Days

    One thing led to another and I experienced working on a large corporation. This time focusing in UX Design and also doing lab work with interfaces. At this point I noticed my skills got really sharp, I felt kinda like the swiss army knive of Front End Design: HTML, CSS, SASS, JS, UX, UI.

  • breakpoints

    May 2014

    To The Rescue of User Experiences

    While keeping up with the many new design/dev trends and tools it became clear to me that simplicity was getting harder to achieve and that was exactly what was needed. Content is the key and keeping a balance between Design and ease of access is the solution people need. So I set out on a quest to create clean simple solutions that are easy to use and unerstand by our users.

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