Hello! I am

Rolando Ponce de León

a Designer based in Washington DC.

Design + Empathy = Success

It is crucial to find an emotional connection between people and the solutions we create. The's a lot of work to go into this but basically here is how I go about it.


  • 1.Define user needs
  • 2.Journey maps
  • 3.Personas


  • 1.Brainsotrming
  • 2.Competitive audit
  • 3.Business alignment


  • 1.Scketching
  • 2.Storytelling
  • 3.Prototype


  • 1.Usability testing
  • 2.Analytics review
  • 3.Alignment

Withouth a deep understanding of people, the designs we come up with are apt to be faulty. — Don Norman

Mobile multilevel navigation

The challenge was to make the existing desktop "megamenu" work on mobile devices. The mobile menu had to go 3 levels deep and function in a way that was pleasing to the users, achieved by the tone of the animations speed.

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More than just a Style Guide

Creating a design system

Yes, style guides are a valuable tool to achieve consistency and guide multidiciplinary teams but they are just a piece of a system that involve process, desinging concepts and assets management.

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Responsive website redesign

A project for the National Cancer Institute, this site was designed to help teenagers understand the decisions they make—especially the decision to quit smoking and how those decisions fit into their lives.

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Create, share and collect recipes.

This is a side project I've created for fun and also to test the Flinto prototyping tool. Palad is for collecting recipes that are categorized based on the 5 basic tastes, with a social interaction capability (share, like, comment, etc...).

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Responsive Design - WordPress

A customized responsive WordPress website. Design and development done from scratch.

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Intuitive design is how we give the user new superpowers. — Jared Spool

A look back through the years

It's been an interesting ride for sure. See below what my years been like so far.

The early days

Jan 2005

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... The internet was so cool and everyone wanted a website. These were the days fighting against table based layouts and the evil IE6. I've learned to write code to bring my designs to live, falling in love with CSS and JS.

Freelance to Corp

Feb 2011

After years of freelancing I was offered to join a health company dev team so I signed up for it, the experience turned out to be great and had the opportunity to collaborate with other developers / designers, and also it was the first time working on government projects. This was the time when I got deep into responsive waters designing for multidevice experiences.

The big corp days

Nov 2013

I took an opportunity to work for a top FinTech company. This time focusing in UX Design and also doing lot's of lab work with interfaces. It was a really fast paced constant iteration environment. This experience helped me get my skills sharp, at times I felt like a Swiss army knife of Design & Front End Dev: Sketch, Prototyping, HTML, CSS, SASS, JS

Back to basics

May 2014

While keeping up with the many new design/dev trends and tools it became clear to me that simplicity was getting harder to achieve and that was exactly what was needed. Content is the key and keeping a balance between Design and ease of access is the solution people need. So I decided to shift things a bit to focus on creating clean simple solutions that are easy to use and understand by our users.

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